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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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roadway. >> the 17-year-old driver is in critical condition. passenger and the 18-year- old driver of another car were treated in hospitals. an accident in east baltimore said for people to the hospital. the multivehicle -- sent for people to the hospital. there is no word on the number involved or the condition of those vehicles. a helicopter crash killed three people from maryland. a preliminary report says the pilot was not certified to fly using only onboard instruments. was no indication the pilot received a briefing before the chopper took off last month, eventually crashing into rural pennsylvania. says they believe the aircraft was caught in a thunderstorm. they were killed in the crash.
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the pilot's name has not been released. the search is on for a gun man after a double shooting in west baltimore. police say the shooter opened up on two men last night. men areies say both in stable condition at the hospital. a baltimore family is doing its part to help police track down a person who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl. the victims spent saturday alerting residents about what happened, hoping to find the suspect. family members the teenager was on the way to a bus stop when she was abducted. >> she was taken to the back of a house and sexually assaulted. we are looking for justice. the man has not been caught yet.
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we are looking for information from the community. for anyamily is asking witnesses to please come forward. testimony tomorrow for the baltimore county woman accused of a murder for hire plot. they accused experts of -- they mentalerts to evaluate stability. porter is accused of hiring a hit man to murder her husband back in 2010. the case could head to the jury tomorrow. now to rhode island where police have arrested two men in a double homicide and the it suction -- the abduction of a boy. missing shortly after the bodies of the victims were found this morning, sparking an nationwide amber alert. police arrested a man and later took a second suspect in custody. notstigators say they will
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-- will not say how. a mission ended when fbi agents shot and killed the man who allegedly kidnapped her after murdering her mother and eight- year-old brother. get the latest from jay gray. >> federal agents and helicopters spotted two people setting up camp late yesterday. >> they had a good idea from the dimaggio ons was the ground. >> the man they say kidnapped hannah anderson after murdering her mom and brother. a multistate manhunt focused on the idaho backcountry after a tip from horseback riders. >> the news flashed on, and the
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amber alert was on the television, and i told my wife, that is the girl we saw on the mountain. >> hostage recovery teams as they hiked to get to the campsite. waited until they were separate, ensuring her safety, and that is when they made the rescue. >> the moshier was shot and toled him a anderson rushed an area hospital to be reunited with her father. >> we will get through it, whatever it takes. >> while also facing the painful reality of having to bury her mom and little brother. >> the super bowl champion baltimore ravens return to the stadium for the first time since their victory parade. today's homecoming drew thousands to watch the chance that their first public practice session. pete gilbert joins us with more.
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>> they welcomed fans for the second public practice during the training camp. among them --e 25,000 fans, act if, active and retired military personnel. 3500 service members they were given preferred seating for practice. baugh addressed bo them before the ceremony. >> it is a great opportunity. we have been thanked by hundreds of people for our service. is fantastic. >> it is a great experience. we served our country. >> we are very proud to be here today.
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we are very proud we are united states army veterans, and the ravens are going to go again this year. >> they just might. the newest member to the field but did not practice. it turns out he will not hold the title of the newest raven for long. >> next, the state kicks off it's tax-free event. back to schoolg shoppers and why they will not be anytime soon. >> we are in the sweet spot. it was was pretty good today. what will it elect tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday? right now clear skies. temperature is 74 degrees.
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>> gas prices have to climb for a second week in a row. the average price nationwide has fallen eight cents in the last two weeks. according to aaa mid-atlantic the average price has dropped to three dollars 59. still five cents cheaper than just a week ago. analysts attribute it to an abundance of wholesale prices.
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tax-free week is underway in maryland. paypers will not have to six percent sales tax on clothes and shoes that cost less than $100. the state comptroller says the state takes a hit, but it is win-win for shoppers and retailers. o lose about $5 million in tax revenues. that is a big chunk of money. it becauseis worth we are giving maryland families a break, and it is worth it, and small businesses. it is the second shopping week of the year. >> he will let let state lawmakers expand the event to allow back to school supplies. this is the fourth year in a row for tax-free week. the father of edward snowden is criticizing washington for the handling of the nsa leak case. he says a former analyst will
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remain for the foreseeable future. >> the father of edward snowden says the nsa leaker is not heading back to the united get a because he will not fair trial. he says he will visit his son in russia. hasden's temporary asylum chilled russia-u.s. relations, and the political furor at home shows no sign of cooling off. before leaving for his vacation -- martha's vineyard, president obama says he will be moving the nsa to more accountability. >> i do not think mr. snowden was a patriot. oath oftrayed his office. there is a young generation that believes he is decent born. has -- is jason bour
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>> we have to expand these programs that are lawful and have saved lives. >> washington wants edward snowden brought back home to face justice. >> wildfires force scores of people in southern idaho. two lightnings barked fires scorching nearly 80,000 acres combined. authorities called for the mandatory evacuation of about 200 people as windy weather helps them grow. >> now your weather forecast with john collins. pretty nice day. a little more human but not terrible. but not terrible. they have missed us.
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line.own to the maryland this last flash of activity is not rain. the skies are clear right now. the rain is moving from west to east, so it is not a huge threat this evening. temperatures are up a little bit. the average is 86. the record is 100. annapolis, 75. parkton is down to 71. frederick dropped to 68. this front has stalled to our south, so more humid air. is going to creep northward. this stalled front will drift to whatorth and dissipate,
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are humidity will go up a little bit over the next day or so. eventually systems to the west will catch up to us. front is expected on tuesday. in the tropics nothing going on in the atlantic or the caribbean. in the pacific a super typhoon luzond the island of north of manila. winds were 150 miles per hour. it is heading to the south china coast in land over the next couple days. it will maintain hurricane strength but not as strong as it was. humidity is upow a little bit. isolated showers to the north of us. the winds overnight will be calm. at the moment it is clear. those of you with clear skies
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may be able to see the perseus meteor shower. expecteds when it is and really closer to john. dawn. last ofst shows the those moving out of the picture. something isolated make, up. -- may pop up. the monday daytime forecast, a bit more humid. shower. of a a lot of questions. probably not for most of you. winds willthe bay, not be very strong. insta weather futurecast, now we are into tuesday morning. the is coming in. everything dries out.
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what we have is very pleasant, .ry air a small chance of isolated storm tomorrow. the high rain chances on tuesday. around 80 orbe upper 70's. rain in the forecast. something might happen offshore. there are some questions, but it might get wetter over the weekend. >> it is a great feeling. >> fans get back in the stadium, celebrating the super bowl championship. we will talk about what an incredible day they have as far as the offense took charge against the defense. that is next in sports.
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today they are hoping age matters not. theas will sign with ravens. he last had a starring role in 2009. , clark makes for a good fit in baltimore. rendon stokely made official his return to baltimore. stokely becomes the only player on the team who won the 2000 super bowl. feeling. a great the fans are unbelievable.
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just to be able to have another opportunity to play here. i am just trying to do my best and help out in whatever way i can. >> joe flacco had a heckuva time with fans beforehand and delivered during. it is designed for the offense to have an easier time. beleaguered core made some great plays. all the way to the end, when drama ensued. >> we split the team up, played 12 minutes of football. that last team was something you could not make up, so it was pretty exciting for the fans. >> they are back thursday to
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face the falcons. a big win sunday. fans throwing a tomato late in the game. he expresses outrage. the orioles took a while to get going. up therdy opened floodgates. top eight, adam jones. there you go. and r.b.i double. lead.s take a 5-2 a three run homer with a career five -- career-high 85. 10-to the final. inning jones tags
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down that brand. he never thought he would get there. as shortstop. the double play, and ..j. hardy not to be overdone the orioles had the best .ercentage, just 34 acres gaining ground on the raise in the process. a series with up the dodgers. l.a. mark ellis padding his resume. it is a big shot with almost seven home runs in the series. 8-2 is your final.
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the orioles within four and a half. final series away. two years ago jason suffered a major collapse that had him wondering if he would ever recover. he did not play as conservatively. already an eagle from the fairway on friday. he nearly matches it. he had that kind of day going. taking aim again, he risk going at the penn, and here was the reward. it right to shots.
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>> a final check of the weather. >> pretty good. a little more humid. that will break the humidity wednesday, thursday, friday. questions about next weekend,
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but we are up into the 80's for the highs, so can i ask for more? joining us.r we will see you back here
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